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How to Make Your Mobile Data Plan Last

Using your Internet on your phone can increase your bill if you’re not careful. How do you keep your data usage low without ever using your phone’s Internet, anyway? One way is to use apps. Here are some useful tips to help you out.

Mobile Internet is Hardly Unlimited

It’s probably happened to you. You thought you hadn’t consumed too much data on your smartphone or tablet, and then when you got the bill, you had to take out another mortgage to pay for it. Okay, it probably wasn’t that bad, but you had to pay more. No matter how big your allowance is, you will probably exceed it, and you’ll be charged for extra data.

If you have an Android, there’s plenty of built-in tools to combat this. Go to Settings>Data Usage. Switch your data on, and tap Set Mobile Data Limit, which will give you the option to have a limit. You can even restrict the data in the background in the same menu. It is not as accurate as your carrier’s methods, but it should help out. If that’s not enough, there are apps to help. These compress your data either by using remote servers or making you access the Internet through their networks.

Data-Compressing Appsdata plan last

There are plenty of apps that use compression methods and virtual private networks (VPNs) to reduce your data usage. These include:

UC Browser HD

This allows for faster browsing via the technology of compression. It also makes you use less data when going to websites. It has ad blockers too, and you can watch videos while you download. It’s a great alternative to Chrome.

Onavo Extend

This app will run in the background and sends all data through the app’s servers. It then compresses the data you use. It will also optimize your images and allows you to see how much data you’ve saved. You can save a lot through this app.

Vortex VPN

This app allows you to select one of their servers and connect to it. It’s very easy to setup, thankfully. These servers are in different countries around the world, such as USA, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, and Ireland.

Once you connect to the VPN, you will see a key icon in the notifications. To use this app, you need to create a free app, which allows up to 250 MB of data. You can buy more data, however. This app is just one of the many VPN applications out there, so don’t think it’s the only one.

Opera Max

Opera Max monitors and compresses your data to keep it as minimal as possible. In addition, it even forces the big data consumers on your phone to work only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. This app can double your data plan, and it uses a VPN that allows for privacy. Your data will download quicker, and you can even compress mobile video. Video is usually the reason why you exceed your allowance, so that’s a plus.

These apps do help, so try them out individually and see which one works the best for you.

Using Wi-Fi to Reduce Data

If you’re still exceeding your data usage, simply turn off your mobile data and use public Wi-Fi. It’s a great way to eliminate those data hogs like app installation, audio streaming and video watching. It’s not recommended for banking and purchasing, as it’s not secure, but it will work for everything else. It’s ideal for urban areas where there’s Wi-Fi all around, but it may be difficult when you’re in the suburbs or in the country.

Saving Data Can Make Your Experience Better

By using less data, you can pay less for your phone bill, and even let you enjoy streaming video and podcasts. Remember to be smart about it and consume less data if possible. We all need to save where and when possible. Give it a go and see what happens, you will be surprised.

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