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Is Phone Spy Software Really Legal

Have you noticed a lot of talk lately about people using cell phone spy software? It is definitely becoming popular and I wanted to clear up some questions around the legality of this software. Spy software on cell phones is indeed perfectly legal to sell and use in certain specific circumstances.

The problem lies in how it is used, by unscrupulous people. Advertisements don’t help – going for misleading headlines like spying on your Ex or catching your cheating spouse, to lure you in but add disclaimers and other legal jargon to protect the company from legal action. Thankfully things are changing and some of the better companies now focus on the legal uses for spy software. Today’s spy software focuses more on legal and legitimate ways to use the program, check out this website Acisni for examples of good legitimate spy software programs – and how to use it properly.

While the attitudes of some companies may have changed the disclaimers remain the same. The disclaimers are there becauselegal questions no matter how much these companies tell you to do the right thing there is someone willing to do the wrong thing. The company should not be at fault for people’s negligence, and they want to protect themselves from ending up in a legal situation. Their strategic disclaimers make sure that does not happen.

The legal situation is about privacy laws. There are individual privacy laws, government privacy laws and law enforcement privacy laws and all of them use a different set of rules. The law varies between countries, regions and cities so it is never straightforward. Individual privacy laws may not count as much as government and law enforcement privacy laws in the eyes of the court. People need to stick to the basic privacy laws so they will be safe from prosecution – if you follow carefully what is mentioned in the disclaimers you should be safe. There are certain conditions to keeping legal, they are as follows:

  1. You must own or have the legal rights to the cell phone you want to monitor. (You pay the bills)
  2. You must let the user of the cell phone know that the phone is being monitored if they are an adult

In other words the cell phone of interest must be owned by you or you must be the one to pay the cell phone bill. So when you purchase the other party’s cell phone you cannot monitor it without their knowledge. That’s not how the system works. This will backfire because the courts can argue that you bought the phone just to spy on them. That hurts your chances of winning. That is why using spy software on cell phones and having legal authority over the cell phone is a grey area. But the second privacy law of notifying them makes the situation much clearer.

The best way to use the cell phone without legal action is the following:

  • Monitoring children’s cell phones under 18
  • Monitoring work cell phones employees use. Companies can do this if they tell their employees the phone will be monitored. Have this discussion in a meeting and in writing, before allowing workers to use them.

There are no exceptions. If you do use spy software illegally any evidence you uncover cannot be used in court. It doesn’t matter if you catch them admitting or doing something that will get you off the hook; you can’t use it. Plus, you will most likely end up in the courts yourself for invasion of privacy. Stick to the legal ways to monitor and you will be safe and remember the penalties can be severe.

So is spy software legal? Yes, but it is the way you use it that will make it illegal. Think before you act.


Keep Your Smartphone from Ruining Your Life – and Other’s

Smartphones are now a part of daily life, and there’s no getting around that fact. Our faces and the faces of our children are buried into phones, tablets, and laptops. We all have that annoying friend that won’t put their phone down during a meal. How do you cope with the constant distraction? Hopefully, these tips can help you keep your smartphone from ruining your life.

Put your phone away when with friends and family.

There’s nothing wrong with excusing yourself while you check in with the babysitter or multitask checking the score of the game while heading to the bathroom, but when you are in the midst of interacting with your friends, practice some restraint. Talk, enjoy yourself, and forget your phone. If you are expecting an important call, set your phone to vibrate (in your pocket phone_use_bored-pic1or purse and not on the table), and excuse yourself when you need to take the call.

Another fun way to spend dedicated time with family or friends is to have tech-free evenings or parties. Invite your friends and let them know they’ll need to check their phones at the door. Instead, plan an evening of fun activities and games to play.

Think twice before snapping a pic.

Every moment does not need to be chronicled. Living in the moment can be much more rewarding than what you can share with friends you barely know on Facebook or Instagram. Make a plan to take a couple photos with friends or in front of a location, and let it stop there. The view through your phone is not nearly as good as the one through your very own eyes.

Bored? Take a look around.

Smartphones are our go-to time passer. If you are bored, get creative, and try to think of something else you can do before you grab for your smartphone. If you’re at home, ask yourself if there is anything you’ve been procrastinating on. How about learning a new hobby? There’s more to life than YouTube!

Don’t over share.

Twenty years ago, you may recall your uncle’s family vacation to the Grand Canyon. You may also recall the hundreds of uninteresting photos he was so ready to share of his experience. The second hand experience he subjected you and others to was probably lackluster at best. Odds are your social media friends feel the same way. So, before you snap that photo of your breakfast to share with the world, ask yourself: does anyone really care about this?

Don’t count on your phone in risky situations.

Whether you’re traveling across the country or expecting a conference call while in a new restaurant, don’t leave anything to chance. Your GPS could leave you stranded in a bad part of town, or you may not be able to get signal in this new restaurant your friends couldn’t stop talking about. What do you do now? Have a backup plan that does not rely on your smartphone. For the above situations, bring a paper map, and call the restaurant ahead to make plans for a phone call if you have cell trouble. Being resourceful is not limited to your ability to Google.

A Quick Conclusion

Set boundaries for yourself, and have expectations for your family and friends’ behavior when it comes to technology in social situations. Don’t become a phone bore!


Best YouTube Alternatives on the Web

YouTube is a great place, but it is becoming increasingly hard to find good content buried underneath the mountain of cat videos and irritating people desperately trying to become famous overnight. Much like everything that’s good and creative on the web, it is used for everything else other than its original purpose, and it yields bad results.Until YouTube finds a way to put a spotlight on its best content, let’s take a look at some similar sites and see what they have to offer.


Dailymotion is the runner-up for the title of the largest video-sharing website. Started in 2005 in one guy’s apartment, roughly at the same time YouTube came busting out the door. The overall look and feel resembles YouTube to an extent, with the most popular videos featured on the home page and the search bar at the top of the page. The bottom line is: if you’re familiar with YouTube, you find your way around Dailymotion quickly, although it can’t match the sheer volume of videos that YouTube has, but then again, that also means it has less clutter.


Vimeo takes a different approach to that of YouTube and Dailymotion, favoring quality over quantity. When you visit its homepage, you might find yourself confused, as Vimeo is kind of subtle and almost shy about promoting its content. You won’t find thumbnails of trending videos. However, when you register or log in, everything begins to make sense. The interface is simple and elegant, and it puts the video front and center, without useless junk distracting you from the main reason you are there: content. And when it comes to quality content, Vimeo is simply incredible. Forget cat videos and wannabe comedians. This is about as good as it gets if you like short films and experimental music videos. We especially like the “Staff Picks”. The image quality is superb, and the player is simple and streamlined. Furthermore, Vimeo is also a good place for both amateur and professional filmmakers, and what’s even more shocking nowadays, it has original content which can’t be found elsewhere. Not even on YouTube – although sometimes original might not be so great… just odd!

The Beard from Beef & Sage on Vimeo.


Originally an Israeli website founded in Tel Aviv, it is now located in San Francisco. Metacafe has wisely decided to move away from the model used by YouTube and Dailymotion, becoming more of a place for select short films and videos. Metacafe’s home page is somewhat crowded, and dropdown menus help with navigation, and you can choose between movies, games, music and lots of others. Similar to YouTube, it can become a bit addictive, with one video leading to another, and before you know it, hours have gone by. But, take the time to find the original short films and unique content, because that’s what best about it.

The truth is, no site will come close to YouTube in terms of size, popularity and thenumber of videos posted. But that doesn’t mean that the YouTube way is the only way and that others should stop trying. Just look at Vimeo.


Email for Small Business – Some Tips

Through the huge advancement of technology, advertising strategies and possibilities have expended and increased including social networks and email. One of the online marketing techniques which have been used the longest includes email marketing. Anybody who has ever delivered a marketing email is aware that the tricky part is obviously not creating the email or delivering it, but having the recipients open it.

That is why if you want your recipients to open the emails you sent them, knowing about the best ways is a helpful decision. If you are operating a small business using these tips are beneficial. Using email for small business can be very effective if you get your emails opened by your recipients and you will be able to achieve this by using the following effective methods to obtain increased email open rate.


Methods to Achieve Improved Email Open Rate

Automated Vs. Real People.

The overall accord is that consumers prefer to communicate with real people instead of an automatic computer response. Yes, in some instances, using automated emails are just fine. For instance, when one recipient signs up for a newsletter, using the automated reply may be fine. On the other hand, you must always provide the option for your audience to communicate and reply with the real human being. When there are some concerns, many prefer to be able to get in touch with a real person rather than an automatic response from a computer.

Topic/Subject Line.

This line is the very first thing viewers see once you deliver an email. Although, most platforms of email have the preview of an email body, still, it goes after a subject line. For this reason, you must create your subject line while making sure that the body’s beginning correlates well with one another. A certain technique which has proved efficient is asking a question email logowithin that subject line regarding the topic that will catch the attention of your readers and have them open their emails.
Be cautious when making the subject line, as creating one that is too long may not be a good idea. The first things to be noticed are the primary few words, so make sure to focus on them.

Segmenting and Targeting.

The application of segmenting and targeting may help you obtain the finest open rate. Using email for small business requires this method in order to guarantee your emails’ efficiency. Targeting may help you in two aspects; first, it may help you with the sign-up list and second, the utilization of segmenting and targeting within the actual emails should increase open rates.

You may segment and sort the email contacts into different groupings, each of them having a very particular purpose. You must personalize the email of each group in accordance to their necessities. From there you could produce targeted campaigns that are directed to certain segments. It is highly important to process your targets by not simply creating and leaving them.

If you want to make the most of your email marketing, considering and using these methods mentioned above should be very helpful. It is always a good idea to use email for small business, but it is better to use them efficiently with the best techniques.


Using Fiverr for Small Business Websites

As a small business owner, you should always be looking for ways you can improve revenue streams and bring in new clients for the long-term. Well, one of the first things you should be doing to achieve that aim is making sure you look as professional as possible.

By this we mean having a professional graphics team behind you. Having high quality logos, website graphics, templates and product views is very important. At the same time, having the best quality of content you can get is vital to a business growing online.

To be able to afford a full marketing team who can design, write, implement and promote your business for you, you would be spending thousands of dollars a month. Thankfully, there are many options out there to the business owners who are looking to do a little bit of extra searching.

Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a huge part of the corporate world today, and even the smallest of businesses should be looking to make the most of outsourcing. Have you ever heard of Fiverr? Fiverr is an online outsourcing haven, where you can get just about anything done for your business starting at $5. Article writers, graphic designers, video editors, audio composers – literally everything you need to promote your business the right way can be found here.

fiver for small business

You can even get consultation for your business to see how you can improve for the best in the future. These amazing prices can really make learning your trade and becoming the best business you can much simpler.

Other than things like content writing and logo design, the offers are basically limitless. Video promotion, where you can have fully HD videos generated for use in marketing campaigns, are sold by more than one seller on Fiverr.

As well as this, you can pick up pretty awesome gigs on things like promoting your website link to huge Twitter and Facebook followings. These type of gigs can really be worth their weight in gold – for just $5 you can be linked to thousands of people. Some of these lists are into the hundreds of thousands, by the way. That type of exposure simply cannot be found elsewhere for this type of money.

Fiverr is becoming one of the most established places on the internet to find quality outsourcing. It recently seen a $20,000,000 investment put into the site to improve its interface. There are many people who run full-time businesses, employing other people, through Fiverr. The many sellers on there who have positive reputations can be trusted fully, so the next time you need some help with running your business marketing campaigns, turn to Fiverr.

The level of quality for the tiny prices are simply outstanding. There are even talented web designs on here who are working at $100-$250 websites, and the work they put in is truly outstanding. Whatever you feel your business needs, you will most likely find somebody on Fiverr who can provide an elite, cost-effective solution.


Great Site for Finding and Comparing Software

I want to share with you a great site I use for finding and comparing software programs. This one is a real gem, it’s free, easy-to-use and I think you’ll find it really useful. This is part of my Cool Websites section where I give a quick run down of some of the sites I find useful. Check this one out:

Great name for a site – the original idea behind the site was to provide somewhere where you could find an alternative to – whatever software. It’s great for that but it has grown into much more. Say you have a software program that you’re not quite happy with, you can type the name into the search bar and it will show up all of the alternatives available.
finding and comparing software site

There Is More

As I said as the site has grown to be huge it has become much more useful. Not only the range of software available but you can search it on a number of ways. You can search by category for example DVD software, utilities, video players etc. You can also filter the results in a number of ways.

You can set the filters just above the results – see the screenshot below. Hit the drop-down boxes and filter by popularity, by license – free, open source or commercial and by platform – windows, Mac etc.
This makes searching and comparing very quick and easy.

AlternativeTo Screenshot
The popularity ratings are good too. They have a likes system where users get to rate the software and you can browse the most popular software available. I must confess to looking at some and thinking – This is very popular and I don’t have it – what is it?

When you find something you are interested in there is a quick rundown description. If you click on “more” it will give you more details when you scroll down including a link to the developer where you can download the software.

What’s Cool?

This site just works! It makes searching for software quick and easy and provides enough information without getting blinded by the technical details. All the information you need is presented in one place with easy links to more. This site will save you a lot of time searching online and looking through forums for user recommendations.

Check them out and search around using the filters – you might just find something you must have!